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Before reading all articles of the Terms & Conditions on this page, please observe our special terms for the employer members below. This will also be included in the articles of the proceeding Terms & Conditions.

1. Employer members are forbidden to show dishonesty and provide false information to the jobseekers. 
2. Hatarako Indonesia has the right to instantly refuse registration of employer members, or delete their account and membership, if employer members violate the law or this Terms and Conditions.
3. Transfer  of members’ personal data to the other employer or job seeker members,  or to the other parties, if members violate the law or the Terms and Conditions.

1. Hatarako Indonesia

Hatarako Indonesia is an internet based recruitment service.

2. Member

2.1 Hatarako Indonesia’s members are the users who have already registered and submitted their mation and resume to Hatarako Indonesia’s website, consciously and with no force from any party. Members are allowed to use the facilities and services of Hatarako Indonesia website.

2.2 Members are considered to have agreed to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of Hatarako Indonesia, after completing the registration process.

3. Members’ Responsibility

3.1 Members assume the responsibility of their personal data and other information submitted during the registration process and during the membership period on Hatarako Indonesia website.

4. Use of Contents and Services

4.1 Members have the right to use recruitment services prepared by Hatarako Indonesia.

4.2 If after submitting the basic information on the registration page, users fail to register or experience trouble in using the website features, users may ask questions or for assistance to Hatarako Indonesia by contacting Hatarako Indonesia’s customer service via email.
In some conditions, it might take 1 working day for Hatarako Indonesia to verify employer users’ registration.
Hatarako Indonesia might refuse the registration after undergoing a checking process within the mentioned period of time, based on some considerations.

4.3 Members agree to receive messages through email or phone calls from Hatarako Indonesia.

4.4 Cancelation and refunds after payment are not allowed.

5. Copyright, Trademarks etc.

The graphics, images, editorial content on all the Hatarako Indonesia's website are the intellectual property of Hatarako Indonesia and are protected by copyright laws and may not be downloaded or otherwise duplicated without the express written permission from Hatarako Indonesia.

Re-use of any of the foregoing is strictly prohibited and Hatarako Indonesia reserves all rights.

6. Prohibited Matter

A. Members are forbidden to do any of the following actions;

6.1 Providing false or exaggerated information and inaccurate content, according to Hatarako indonesia.

6.2 Signing up again after Hatarako Indonesia terminated their membership in the past due to any reason that violates the law or any action that violates Hatarako Indonesia’s Terms & Conditions;  unless Hatarako Indonesia allows them to, after reconsidering the matter.

6.3 Act of violating the right to Hatarako Indonesia website, and third party's copyright, copyrighted images, and other intellectual property holders.

6.4 Act of offending public order and standards of decency.

6.5 Act of using or transmitting information including computer virus and other harmful computer programs.

6.6 Taking advantage of another member’s personal information, the third parties, or Hatarako Indonesia for any reason that violates laws and norms. Members are also forbidden from any actions that would hinder the administration process of Hatarako Indonesia.  

6.7 Using the information acquired through Hatarako Indonesia for both personal and company purposes like reproduction, selling information, and publication.

6.8 Act of violating the regulations

6.9 Using Hatarako Indoensia services for any purpose other than recruitment.

6.10 Using personal information provided by Hatarako Indonesia for any purpose other than recruitment.

6.11 Act of violating this Terms & Conditions.

B. Consequences Regarding Violation to Terms and Conditions.

6.12 Members agree that, having violated these Terms and Conditions, Hatarako Indonesia has the right to delete members’ account information, sue members, and/or claim damages and/or loss, caused by members to Hatarako Indonesia or the other parties.

6.13 Hatarako Indonesiawill not refund the payment sent to Hatarako Indonesia despite the deletion of the member’s account.

6.14 Hatarako Indonesia reserves the right to refuse members’ registration, delete members’   data and membership, or sue members if Hatarako Indonesia finds that members take part in     performing the forbidden acts, mentioned above.

7.  Account and Membership Deletion and Registration Refusal

7.1 If members have not logged into Hatarako Indonesia website for at least one year, Hatarako Indonesia will possibly delete members’ data.

7.2 Hatarako Indonesia has the right to refuse or delete all or a part of the registered data provided by members, if members violate the law, or these Terms and Conditions. Hatarako Indonesia is not liable for any registration refusal or data deletion.

7.3 Hatarako Indonesia is not liable of any membership deletion and service termination to its   members.

7.4 Members agree not to register complaints in any form including suing Hatarako Indonesia for  registration refusal, membership deletion, and/or termination of services, done by Hatarako Indonesia to its members, as Hatarako Indonesia reserves the rights to do such actions mentioned above. 

8. Disclaimer

8.1 Hatarako Indonesia website does not guarantee the security and the truthfulness of the information provided by the third party.

8.2 Hatarako Indonesia has the right to discontinue all or parts of the services to its members without prior notice.

8.3 The use of Hatarako Indonesia website is the members own responsibility, and Hatarako Indonesia is not responsible for  the damage caused by the member or by the company who offers a job, or by third parties, as a result of the misuse or the invalid access to this websites, and considers that any such problems should be solved by the parties involved in this issue, not by Hatarako Indonesia.

8.4 Members must manage and keep their own e-mail address and the password; they should not allow any third party to use it and therefore members hold full responsibility for their email address and password information.
Any problem that occurs during the use of the email address and password information used to access Hatarako Indonesia’s website that involves a third party is the responsibility of the member and not Hatarako Indonesia’s responsibility.

8.5 This Web site contains links to other sites that do not belong to and are not controlled by Hatarako Indonesia. Please be aware that Hatarako Indonesia is not responsible for the privacy practices of these sites.  Hatarako Indonesia is not responsible for any damages caused by accessing those website links.

8.6 In some the circumstances such as Force Majeure; Hatarako Indonesia is not responsible for damage data or information caused by viruses, natural disasters or conditions that occur outside of Hatarako Indonesia’s control. Hatarako Indonesia does not guarantee the security of the erased or altered datacaused by Force Majeure, and members are fully responsible for any data stored.

9. Change of Terms and Conditions

Members agree to other terms and conditions which might change from time to time without prior notice from Hatarako Indonesia.

4 January 2010
Hatarako Indonesia


Privacy Statement

1. Security of Personal information

Hatarako Indonesia will protect the security of members' personal information and will treat it in a confidential manner.

1. 2. Collection of Personal information

Hatarako Indonesia collects personal information, such as name, email address, home or company address, telephone number, and other such data required for registration process. When members register and sign in to our website, members have automatically disclosed their information to Hatarako Indonesia.

3. Use of Information

Personal data submitted by members will be used for the following purposes:

1. Checking the registration information, providing recruitment services of Hatarako Indonesia and marketing purposes.
2. Job seeker members' personal information will be disclosed to employers who have registered on Hatarako Indonesia website, based on approval from job seeker members.
3. Improving services of Hatarako Indonesia.
4. Contacting members if necessary.
5. Conducting research.
6. Other purposes stated in the other articles included in this Privacy Statement.

4, Transfer Data to Employers

The personal information of job seeker members will only be transferred and disclosed to employers when employers have made specific requests for such data and only if jobseeker members have given their prior consent.

5. Transfer Data to Third Party

1. Hatarako Indonesia reserves the right to disclose your personal information as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights or to comply with, court orders, judicial proceedings or legal processes served on our website.
2. Hatarako Indonesia is able to transfer and disclose members' personal information to its business partner for any administrative purposes.
3. Hatarako Indonesia reserves the right to transfer members' personal information to the other members or parties if jobseeker or employer members violate the regulations, and the Terms and Conditions of Hatarako Indonesia.

6. Access to Data

Members can always change, add, and delete the registered information according to the regulation. Members can also delete their account or discontinue their membership with Hatarako Indonesia.

7. Log Files

Hatarako Indonesia website stores certain information. This information includes internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, operating system, date/time stamp, and click stream data.
Hatarako Indonesia uses this information to administer the website.

8. Cookies

Hatarako Indonesia uses cookies to make it easier for members to navigate the website. Hatarako Indonesia does not link the cookies to any personal information that members submit during their online process with Hatarako Indonesia website.

Cookies do not transmit viruses; instead they provide convenience by saving people's time. If members visit Hatarako Indonesia subsequently, cookies will help Hatarako Indonesia to remember them. This helps the process of recording members' information. The information that members provided previously is restored the next time they visit the website. Therefore, members can easily use the features they have customized.

9. Change of Privacy Statement

Members agree to this and the other Privacy Statement which might change from time to time without advance notices by Hatarako Indonesia.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Statement, please contact us at:

[email protected] (Indonesian Language Service)
[email protected] (English Language Service)
[email protected] (Japanese Language Service)

I have read and accepted Hatarako Indonesia's Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions.